Let The Heart Sing It's Song      by Lightsong

Welcome and Greetings of Peace to your Heart and Being!!!

Your True Human Nature longs for authentic communion.  It wants to share the eternal wisdom of the exquisite beauty and simplicity of your primordial heart.

Finding the courage to listen to and actively live your heart, eradicates the complexities of the mind and your past.

Then, life transforms into pure and nurturing communion and One-ness with your Divine Essence, the hearts of others, this beautiful Earth and the Cosmos....


                        * * * * * * * * * * *

I truly appreciate your interst in my book "LET THE HEART SING ITS SONG" and I hope it is supporting you in living your heart.   Please,e-mail me your comments.  I'll share them on this website. If you like my book, please share this website with your friends and family.  Thank you!!!

Currently, I am working on another book, which is focusing on children.  I am planning on publishing it by the end of the winter.  I'll add it to this website as soon as it is available.

On the "Sharing of the Heart" blog you can read about Awakening and Beingness.

InOneHeart, Lightsong